A lady took good care of her husband entire her life and after death she was sent to the heaven by God’s grace. In another story, Shambhoo was a poor man went to city leaving his small village to earn some money. In returning his horse got suck in the river. Suddenly a goddess appears there and asked Shambhoo to throw all his money carrying on horse back. Shambhoo threw all his money in river and escapes from the river, and then he found all his money was safe at horse’s back. Goddess says she was just checking Shanbhoo’s heart is greedy or not.

In both of stories above, there are some teachings. In first story, they want women to be slaves of men. In second story they teach we should not be greedy and ready to leave all our wealth when we are asked. Both of the stories are actually part of ‘conspiracy’ to keep people their slaves.

Good stories are stories teach you nothing but makes you to think, and doesn’t give you any opinion but keeps you free to form your own interpretation. See, those who are already enslaved, cannot think. Slaves want opinions from others. Slaves follow what someone says. An old man says ‘Worship not that saint. He was a Moslim and not Hindu!’ And slaves started criticising the saint. Other side of slaves started defending their saint. All news channels made this an issue for debate. Actually, who wants to worship any god, goddes or saint, and in which way, is all very individual thing. Even one wants to pray or not is upto individual.

Sheeple don’t think. They borrow opinions from newspapers, news channels, and others. Sheeple don’t study by themselves. They are depending on others for information and knowledge. They are easy to make fool by entertaining stories and inspiring examples. ‘See, that man was so poor and achieved a great success in his business/ by god’s grace/ after following these rules/ path/ by his own efforts.’
‘See, he was ignored by industry for 16 years and finally achieved a great success! Earlier he was doing small roles, even he worked as crowd but see, by god’s grace, he got what he deserved for.’

Examples are, most of the times, useless, and if they are used in stories to teach something, we must be careful. They might kill your intellect to enslave you.

‘If you take good care of your parents only then your children will take good care of you in your old age’ who knows? Is there any guarantee? It’s another trap. Old people wanted to ensure their youngers to take care of them.

You may see there are hidden fear and threat in all those stories. They threaten us by hell, satan, unfortune in life, illness, etc. Stories are same, their teaching are also same but now way of enslaving has been changed.


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