Be safe from traps! Don’t be hasty to reply. Questions are tools they use to answer you what they want.

Example: after a success they ask you-

‘How are you feeling now after this great success? Have you ever thought you could achieve this great success?’

Answers are traditional:

‘I’m feeling blessed/great. It’s all God’s grace! All I’m thankful to people and organisers. I have never assumed that I could get this success/Yes I wanted this success but it would be so great I didn’t know.’

So dramatic, unrealistic. Questions are traps many times, I would say, it’s often. Rarely I see any ‘Pure Question’ that encourages for ‘Pure Answer’.

What is your name?
— it means, by which name should I call you?

‘People call me Raj, you must have heard my name, right?’ Hero says in a movie.

‘….my name is THIS but you may call me THIS too’ filmy line for heroes in 80’s.

‘My name is THIS but people call me THIS with love.’

Illusion is there with everything, everywhere. Jimmy Cliff sings ‘I can see clearly…’

I love to listen Jiddu. He says every word with all his mindfulness. He replies each question analysing it’s hidden meaning. I have not listen him for months though. I don’t know to Buddha. I never listened or saw him and what I read his conversation with others has been corrupted by monks, still in some Suttas Buddha seems having great mindfulness, awareness. Buddha also used to reply with understanding the matter of question. Buddha also understands hidden question in normal sentences. Don’t ask anything to Osho or you’ll die getting answers!! UG, he never answers. UG had worked over it much.

‘Have you had your dinner?’
‘Yes. Thanks. And you?’
‘Not yet.’

Simple conversation doesn’t bother about deep meaning of questions and answers. But in this simple conversation you sometimes are caught and trapped. Na, I didn’t mean they are so clever. They also don’t know they are limiting the answer with question. My elder sister asks me,
‘How are you bhaiya?’
And I never wished to answer her for this question.
One elderly woman asked me
‘Which sort of girl you want?’
Her meant to ask me this question was, I think, she wanted to know what are my assumptions about my future wife, but her question was under her social financial cultural limitations.

We know all games! We know all hidden meanings of questions. Our mindis not fool. We know. Still we are trapped because we follow the Rules of Conversions. Someone asks you ‘How are you’ and you areply ‘I’m fine, thank you’. Why? If you reply negative answer like ‘I’m not feeling well, I’m broke!’ etc. then it’s considered that you are spreading sadness. We follow what we are taught to follow. We reply what they expect from us.

Na! We are not honest to ourselves. We spend our lives pleasing others.


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