‘Why aren’t you participating in discussion? You are silent. Is there something wrong?’

‘Na, I justs find no space to put my thought in, so, I’m quiet. Unnecessarily putting words in your “important” discussion could make fuss.’

‘Oh arey you are part of our group and you should give your opinions, your ideas..’

‘And you’ve started preaching me?’

‘No no I’m not preaching you, …’


‘I’m just telling you that if you are part of group, you should also participate in activity.’

‘Ok. But I didn’t need to participate. And why did you giving me “knowledge” with your preaching?’

‘..because we care about you!?’

‘We or I, ? You are not representing everyone here. Talk about yourself. It’s ono to one talk right?’

‘Ok, yes I care about you and this is why…’

‘..this is why you started giving me knowledge, because you think I’m younger than you, you think whatever you say I have to accept?’

‘No it’s all upto you..’

‘I don’t need your care! If you really care about me, give me money! …yes give me money not knowledge! Please! Hurry up!’

Person opens up his wallet and throws some notes (currencies) towards the boy.

‘Take all money you want.’

‘Don’t disrespect of money, sir. It’s what people are living for. It’s Mother Laxmi you know. Giveme all money you have.’

Boy started collecting all notes. Everyone there was watching the boy. After collecting all notes, boy asked to others,

‘Anyone else here cares about me? You (indicating a friend) cares about me? (Friend is silent). He is my friend. You (indicating a girl) cares about me? Or you (towards a friend) you are like my guru. You are confident about me so you don’t care about me, I know!’

The boy is now in her place back. The man was like dumb! He thought the boy is joking but he really took all money in his wallet and everyone has been watching. Boy says,

‘People want someone who can listen to them. They preach and want others to listen them. I’m ready to listen but not for free. Give me money and I will listen you.’

‘Achchha! You mean we should give you knowledge and money both?’

‘I didn’t ask you about knowledge and still you started preaching me why? I know 10 times more than you! But I won’t preach you. Not even if you give me money for knowledge.’

‘It’s joke, right?’

‘Na, it’s not.’

A common friend asked the boy to return money to man. Boy refused clearly.

‘It’s my money you see. I didn’t threaten him, I didn’t loot him. He himself has given me money for listening him. I willlisten him in return. If he doesn’t want to preach anymore that’s ok.

Boy didn’t give money back. It was his money. It’s a teaching for those who are  always ready to preach, giving knowledge to others, and they want others to listen them. Good listeners should not listen for free. Take money for listening. If any political leader or religious guru wants you to come and listen him, audience should ask for money. Giving time to listen someone’s words needs much patience. A mindful audience should be knowing about their importance. Political leaders and gurus and so called teachers preach for makings followers, or because they want to speak. Poets want someone who listen and appropriate their poems.

Real preacher speaks less. He mentions only points. He doesn’t waste time in unnecessary examples, useless explanations. Examples and explanations are needed when one doesn’t understand the matter. Speaker should be aware that time is more important than him. A real speaker uses less words and says the matter clearly.

Jiddu speaks less, on topic, without unnecessary examples. Osho says the same but trying to make the matter spicy with entertaining stories and jokes. UG says nothing. He scolds, he shouts, he barks! I prefer Jiddu, some likes UG, many people who are addicted to find drugs in talking, listen Osho!

I’m an actor! I do theatre and cameos in tv shows. I take money for performance. If audience ask me for money to watch my plays, I won’t perform for them. I’m actor for myself. I find work for money.

A good listener should be paid for listening.


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