I don’t want to please others, all I want is to be happy. I want to stay what I’m. No matter what others think or what they create my image in their minds. Next moment I have to become a defeated helpless person following social rules. Pleading to survive in this world.I don’t want but I have to believe a wealthy person is rich. I have to accept those people with money factories politis are powerful. I have to admit that I’m not lead material while I see Dhanush, Nawaz, Irfan etc.

They have created this imaginary prisons we are in. We are not happy to be here. We all want to be free but we don’t know we are imprisoned. Men are not happy with their wives, wives dislike their husbands but we pretend to be happy with our partners. In deep we know that ‘I dislike something in her/him’ but we have to compromise with conditions. We are taught to be so.

I’m also not free. I’m also in prison of my thoughts, my emotions, my culture and political financial social boundaries. I can’t see myself to be having a large 3BHK flat in Andheri West, it’s because I’m imprisoned of my financial cell. I can’t imagine to be performing as a lead in tv serial because they are bounded with a image of lead for tv serial.

Too much noise here. Unnecessary talkings. Repeatations. And we speak what we listen. We feed our mind with unnecessary words, repetitive sounds, all makes we feel irritation. We talk about time management but we are killing our time with foolish talks.

I’m fed up of talkings. I want to stay in peace. No words! No sound! No thoughts or emotions. ‘Yes I’m a frog of well, but I’m aware of my well’ says Babuji in Ankho Dekhi. Ok, knowledge and informations create our walls, but we must be aware of that. And we must be knowing about fencing of words, sounds, signs, symbols.

There where is no symbol, no words, no sound is, thought and emotion exist in pure form. ‘Observe to observer’ but a mind which is corrupted with their tools is not helpful to see observer. These gurus repeating words of books are one of causes making this world irritating. Some speakers deliver same speech everywhere. Poets are asked to recite same poem got famous. And we are addicted to listen same thing. Anything new comes and becames suspicious. Rare people accept new thing and those who accept new thing later became backwards.

Breaking of these walls of jail is possible. To know about new things, reading about innovations, avoiding repetitive words, not getting stuck with books, cleaning junk files of mind, could be helpful. We makes ourselves a prisoner, only we can make ourselves free!


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