‘SHE : Oh! So you don’t believe in Karma?

ME :   Umm.. I believe in “Causation Theory”, also I believe it works upsides down too.

SHE : What is causation theory?

ME :   Four Noble Truths! …cause>work/action>result.. each cause is an act producing Work or Action as result, and each result is a cause resulting to another action/work in itself. Each cause, action & result is a cause, action & result, all in themselves, respectively.

SHE : Ok, it’s kinda difficult and philosophical I think. And what did you say about upside down?

ME :  This theory works in its opposite way as well. It means, if there is Result then Action will be done and finally you’ll get the Causes being created around yourself. It’s 2nd of 23 Laws of Magics.

SHE : Do you believe in magic too?

ME :  Magic is nothing but result with disappearance of causation theory.

SHE : You talk like atheists! Hope you believe in God.

ME :   I believe in Love, Equality, Truth, Peace, Justice, ..and in You.

SHE : Buttering?

ME : Na na. I just explained, I believe in what.

SHE : And God?

ME : I’m not anti-God. I’m not against anything which doesn’t exist, and what exists I don’t need to believe in. See, London exits.

SHE : But should have faith in God.

ME :   I have faith in Love.

SHE : You don’t believe in God.

ME :   Do you believe in Love?

SHE : I don’t know. I think, true love is hard to find, and if one finds his or her true love, they should take good care of it. And we should not lose our true love. But true love is rare to find and people who got their true love are lucky. Yes they are really lucky. ….you maybe thinking I talk much right? Well I don’t talk much but yes sometimes silly or you may say I talk stupid sometimes but you know only you can understand me and my feelings.

ME :   Yes.

SHE : So, what were you talking about?

ME :   I was …just talking about my childhood, when I was a kid I used to eat chocolates.

SHE : Me too, I love chocolates. And Ice Creams?

ME :  Yes I like Ice Creame also. See, we both of us have same likes and dislikes.

SHE : Dislikes? We haven’t talked over it.

ME : …and better we should not talk about it our dislikes. We like chocolate and ice creams that is enough to nourish our friendship right?

SHE : Yeah! And it’s all by God’s grace. Only he wanted us to meet. Maybe our karma is behind all this. Maybe we had some virtues in our previous birth… and…

ME :  Yep! You’re right! Maybe. ..

SHE : You doubt on me?

ME : No I don’t. I’m just not sure it’s all arranged by someone imaginary from sky, which is described in religious books etc. I think we met by coincidence and our feelings attracted to each other, and so..

SHE : Well, you are an atheist. And sooner or later you’ll come to know God exists. And then you’ll realize I was right. Hope you don’t pray satan?

ME : Satan & God, Ahurmazda, Tenri or whatever you say, well I really have no faith in. But yes I believe in Love. Do you believe in Love?

SHE : I believe in God too. And I suggest you be away from satanists.

ME :  Satan too, I don’t believe in. Don’t worry.

SHE : Well, one day will come and you’ll see I was right. You maybe don’t believe in God but God is only reason, the final cause. He is everywhere and in everything you see. And you believe or not but God exits. See everywhere is God. Everything is god. You just need to see him. He is inside you too. He is in your heart..

ME : Ok, and what about Love inside me?

SHE : Umm.. that is your personal matter.. your individual faith.. what cai say..


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