Money, Work & They


They laugh; they cry, they run, they dance, they are invited as guests, they sit, they think, they speak, …they sneeze, they fart, they eat, they visit parties -and all these their ‘efforts’ makes them earning money. They are important people of the society. They are politicians, celebrities, they are a small group of some people who think themselves a ‘privileged and blessed’ one more than others. Their farts incense more than thousands of spread perfumes. No, they don’t sweat, because smell of sweating comes from labourers & farmers only.

In these day I had some great thoughts to share but I didn’t write them here, then I forgot those ideas. It’s not happened first time with me. I have lost many valuable thoughts earlier just because I was lazy to write down.

Well, who cares what I write here! I’m neither a politician nor a celebrity actor. My Facebook has less than 500 friends and I don’t know them all personally. My Facebook posts and comments hardly gets 20 likes and rarely 2 – 3 comments. I’m not one having courage to raise any social – religious – political or cultural issue to be famous.

My thoughts are not unique as well. I do not think anything extraordinary, fantastic, mind-blowing. A normal (abnormal according to some) mind of a man who is approaching towards his death day by day, has no religious social political or cultural value. Though it would be better if were abnormal. At least I wouldn’t be thinking so much and I would be free from these day to day life of suffering.

Here work is useless if I’m not earning money. It’s considered ‘time waste’ if I didn’t work for money. I wonder how those Chinese friends are spending their lives without ‘money centred activities’, but in fact, they only are enjoying their lives in real sense. They are young, far from families, away from sorrows, detached from someone & something. I still wish to be like them, a monk.

Thinking is though nature of mind but it’s good only if one is capable to analyse independently. Otherwise, thinking leads mind to be blocked and sometimes, dead. Unwillingly, mind has to be working. It thinks and no money generates. I do acting, profile segregation, casting, writing, thinking, and money is not there. It means all what I do whole day is useless because it doesn’t makes money. Days are being spent and I’m becoming more perfect example of an higher educated non-earning man with degree in philosophy.

All thoughts I put here are originated from the mind which is constantly observing a life without money-fame-power-& love too. It’s not frustrated yet because I’m not in that race now. If I were far away from cities, and these human societies, then I would not need to be worried about my lifestyle & financial standards. All what ‘they’ have created was to ease exchange daily need stuffs, but now the system of currency has become a curse upon human race. Anyone is not earning money is useless and not respected.

Thinking doesn’t generate money. And so, it’s also useless in their view. They may think, or nor not, I don’t know; but they don’t write. If they write, their writings generate money and fame as well. Curse here becames good for them.


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