Mother’s Day, 2016

Tomorrow is 8th of May. First, it’s number 8 which I’m afraid of (yes I’m superstitious lol), second, it’s ‘Mother’s Day’ and I’m going to perform a short play at Dao Temple on mother’s day occasion.

As I’m always afraid of 8, I just wish tomorrow’s performance to be so so. I never been so ‘mother-loving’ son, I’m not so exited for the day. Master Han would respect his mom because she died soon after his birth, so it’s kind of an important day for Dao community. I’m partially part of it in Mumbai and I’m supposed to perform a short play tomorrow.

Melody had already asked me to perform for mothers on the day but I was not sure. Arti ji suggested me a story to perform with her that was very sad one. I wanted not traditional and crying mother with tragedy play. I tried to modify the story and Tanmay helped me to make the script. He is an assistant director in movies and he really have good ideas with natural dialogues. Finally, the script we have got is far from sadness also having descent respected mother in it.

Earlier in my mind I had different casting according to looks and age of actresses but later after discussion we had to change roles of mothers and the play we have now is almost 20 minutes long short play dedicated to all mothers.

Name of the play >> UMMEED (Hope)
Script >>Tanmay Chatterjee & Shraddhanshu Shekhar
Director >> Tanmay Chattergee
Music >> Manish
Characters & Casts >>

1. Anita (new comer at Old Age Home): Anita Kothari
2. Archana (senior lady): Archana
3. Aarti (senior lady): Aarti Chandwani
4. Raju (employee of old age home): Shraddhanshu Shekhar

Abhilasha is to host tomorrow’s occasion there at the trample while Chi Chi, Melody and Jasmine are to perform a dance. Another girl I heard of will sing a hindi song dedicating mothers. 5 senior masters, one man and four ladies have arrived in Mumbai today to join the occasion.

I still believe there will be no Magic to  happen that can make me a celebrity all of a sudden, no matter what statue I bow down to. Laughing Buddha, Ji Gong, Avlokiteshwara, ..Buddha etc. are examples of pure mind, pradnyasilaness, enlightened ones. They can’t make one rich – famous – powerful & celebrity. I do go there to visit the temple because I like those people and the community is small in Mumbai. The philosophy somehow matches to my thinking as well. I’m not so mother-loving son, I’m an atheist, I don’t worship any statue or person or book or symbol. Rather I believe in Love, and I try to be in Love more.

Let’s see, how’s the performance tomorrow. If I don’t perform well, reason will be number 8. If I receive claps and appreciations, than I hope to accept politely. If I receive no clap no appreciation no critics, then too I wish to accept with mindfulness.

How superstitious I’m !!
If I would see myself as someone else, I would laugh at me for being so superstitious about number 8. Cheiro jad no fault. I should be matured enough to see calenders nothing but just a tool to make daily life easy.

Mindfulness, Buddhahood, Pradnya, Puremind ..these words are easy to discuss about but in reality, really I need to cultivate myself.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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