Scratching With Spears!


Few days ago I was coming from Dao Temple with a friend. My mind got occupied with some worries about future and career in acting. I shared those thoughts with my friend and then we had a long discussion over dealing with such fear and depressions. He also had same experiences in his past and I found his words were describing all what I had been thinking 4 years back. Here I’m sharing some points of the discussion.

>> Do not compre yourself with others. All we have different journey and different goals. We try to reach at our goal with our pace.

>> For some, jourey itself is a goal too.

>> Comparing leads one pretending to be what he is not actually. One tries different looks, different outfits, way of talking differently, and finally one loses own originality. As result, one neither remains original nor become what he wants to be.

>> Trying to be what one is not, makes him behaving abnormal in public.

>> One maybe unfit for the time but time is never wrong. People who are contemporary with the time are best. All who try to change the time according to them are unhappy.

>> One who is not fit for the time, may not be considered as backward or advanced.

>> If one is neither part of any race nor willing to be in any competition, maybe taken as careless person by society. And then society forces one to be into the race/competition.

>> In depression, if one doesn’t courage to fight, he tries to escape. Fleeing from one place to other, to seek new earth, doesn’t solve problems.

>> One may live like a monk entire his life, but if he leaves everything behind, he maybe taken as looser.

>> Switching is not an escape if one is either defeated or winner.

>> A kick is needed before leaving, otherwise it will be an another escape. Winning or getting defeated is also ok.

>> Something which is dent and scratched inside one, comes out through voice – eyes – body language.


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