Moms’ Day At Dao Temple

I reached to the temple around 1pm. They had finished their lunch and soon the master started teaching me about Bagua. Between 1pm to 3pm we had been discussing about Bagua and then after the class, ceremony started with mother’s day song. Of course the song was in Chinese language that no Indian could understand there. Then we sung two sutras and those were also in Chinese but I knew about them already. One sutra was praising God Amitabha (Ami Tou Fo). Then the lady master performed rituals, offered fruits to the Buddha, and she gave a short speech to the audience.

The first segment of the program was games where a girl asked the audience to say alphabets from Z to A, she asked any 5 states of India, any 7 capitals of any nations, etc. After that Abhilasha came and started announcing there. Next was our play. Jasmine has recorded entire the play and it was about 15 minutes in duration. All actresses did their job well, I was shaking though. My first entry was not good. I appreciate all other actresses for their performance. It was Tanmay’s first play he directed in his life. He has never done direction for stage, not even backstage he did so far, but I saw him during the play, he was so anxious about the play like any senior experienced director. I wish him to be a great director in future.

There was a dance also after our play. Melody, Chi Chi and Jasmine performed Yuanji’s steps on Mother’s Praising song. Then some children offered tea to their moms, and after some photos the program concluded.

After the program, we all had some foods, sevaiya, lamon drinks, some other dishes I don’t know names. Later after guests left, I and Tanmay stayed there for a while and took that recoding of the play. And we left.

I was sacred a bit because it was 8th of May. Number 8 is not good according to numerology, but the play was so so. I’m ashamed to see my performance in the video. Actresses did well in spite of their first performances.

I have nothing more to say about the celebration. It’s small Dao community that successfully celebrated mother’s day in their small temple and I was part of the occasion.

YouTube link Edited

YouTube link Original


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