She Is Married Already!


She doesn’t write much. She doesn’t prove herself a writer. She posts pics, small posts, short poems, short stories etc. She writes for herself. She doesn’t write to tell something, she writes because she wants to write. She is not to compete with anyone, any writer. She seems happy with her married life, and she is not to change the world. No, she is not selfish, I can say. She is not revolutionary like feminists because she is satisfied with her small world. Ok, her world is small, but she knows her world. She is not like so called thinkers. She doesn’t cry for poors. She is not angry with rich people. She doesn’t know about Illuminati & Anonymous. She has nothing to do with Dalit issues. She doesn’t want ro know about Tribal people’s problems. She is middle class married woman, she is happy.

She will die peacefully after completing her normal life with her children and husband. She is not ambitious to make her life unforgettable for history. Though she is well educated but I don’t know she works somewhere or not.

She made me think that being serious is not always good. Writing and thinking on serious topics makes no difference. People who want to do work to solve problems, are already there on field. Immatured people start typing and posting on social platforms, without full information about the matter.

I cannot understand why women have better understanding than men. They easily can differentiate what is important and what is not. If all religious gurus and political leaders would be women, maybe we wouldn’t have so much wars and hate in this world.

She writes what she has in her mind. Few lines, sometimes poem, sometimes she posts pix downloaded from Google, received through whatsapp. She made me think that you don’t need to think much to write. Write what you have in your mind. I started writing blogs to empty myself. Though my diary-writing was to treasur my thoughts & feelings of that time.

Our crying for poor dalits and tribals doesn’t make any change in real. We cry and think that we have done our duty to save humanity. I now understand that I should not write much serious posts. Women think much better than men. No matter for what they think for. A women similar to a man on birth, society, environment, education and money, may think better than the man. She is an engineer, and belongs to an upper middle class family now. She, of course, is a better thinker than me and many other writers.

She is married women and I shouldn’t tell her name publicly on my blog. She is second girl on WordPress I’m impressed with her writings, and my badluck, she is married already.


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