How, What n Why I Write


Take your mobile phone in your hands. Open MEMO. Start typing without thinking. Come with blank mind like a slate. Let the words come down on your writing. Sometimes when I try to write over any topic, I can’t write or I lose enthusiasm for writing over that particular topic.

Mind should be blank. An empty mind. A mind which maybe ready to understand is either blank or empty.

No, don’t try to explain your words. Previous line was enough for itself. Let your readers use their mind. It’s not necessary to explain each and every word. Same like each question is not to be answered. Some questions are traps and some questions are foolish and useless. Real questions are rare.

Yaksha’s questions were to examine Yudhishthir’s wisdom. Minander’s questions to Nagsena were to satisfy his intellect. You are not here to answer any question. If someone asks you foolish, stupid question, you may delete the comment.

‘Kya Likhu’ (What To Write) was an essay  by Padum Lal Punna Lal Bakshi in my syllabus when I was in 12th. Writer says many people have to face the problem. I’m not a writer. I don’t write. What I’m typing is just what coming in my mind. I’m aware and trying to be away from grammatical mistakes.

My English is not good. My Chinese friends think my English is much better than them. Whole day I think in Hindi. If I feel thirsty, I drink water. If I feel sleepy, I put my phone aside.

Writing helps to observe your mind only if you are honest to your mind. Relationship between mind and writing should be transparent. A professional writer may not be (I don’t know if Maybe) honest medium between mind and writing. They have to be writing what is required. They have to write to please others. I’m not writing to please anyone. I’m not writing to criticise anybody.

One of my friend writes to release what she has in her mind. She is a good thinker and writer with great English vocabulary. My vocabulary is small. Just few words I have to express my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes I have to change my sentences because I don’t find proper word which can convey what I have in my mind.

Mind itself is very mischievous and clever. It knows how to make fool your intelligence. UG’s “Mind Is Your Enemy” is nice book for people who are free from religions.

Thinking and writing must go together. No matter where to go. Let the mind set free, and see where this is going. Observing this mind is difficult when I don’t write. Constipation sometimes happens with mind too. Telling someone or writing down is necessary. Akbar died by Loose Motion.

Run, and let the mind run! Don’t look back. What is written has been written. Now that is past. What is being written is present. There is percep in future, no thought. Thinking and writing are together like dancers and dancing, singer and singing, actor and acting on stage.

Looking back is good to just see what and how all was thought. The construction of sentences reveals how thoughts come in mind.

Do I really exist without my writing and acting? The body and mind are very suspicious. Observer is proudy (Proudy is not any word but understandable what I meant). Language and grammatical mistakes are ok if readers or listeners are successfully conveyd the meanings.

People who write and don’t write, will die anyway. Truth is there to show we all will be past and history may not remember us all. They will be remembered and commemorated who make a change in world. I’m not here to bring any revolution. Even salvation is not my goal. Money is need to live well but not an aim.

Now I’m sleepy without concluding this article in a proper way. No endings there. Some small stories without starting and endings. Every part of magnet is a complete magnet itself. Ba qaul Iqbal sahab, “Har qatra-dariya mein, Dariya ki hai gehraai..”


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