Labourers, Farmers & ‘Medium’


People are bounded with their thoughts. They don’t want to go beyond their ideological boundaries. Some of my communist friends write for poor people and always against the government. They seem complaining and crying in their writings. Soe other friends write either to spread their shit around the world through social media. Some people write to prove they are the ohe best caste of India hence they know hindu social system claims only brahmins are superior among all castes. Only a few self satisfied friends I see who really share their happiness with their small world. Yes their friend circle is small, they don’t think so much over current social or political issues. They don’t know about economic or financial policies of governments.

They are a few people who live their lives happily. They are satisfied with their lives. They don’t bother about what history teaches them. They follow a religion just for nothing. They cast their vote to someone they find good.

Suddenly I feel a noise around me. The sound which I don’t like is noisy for me and it becames irritating when I’m getting involved with. This is how I listen this world. Being an ignorant is good. They are happy who are ignoring this world and that is when they can focus on their lives.

Anons may call them a ‘Sheeple’ because they are ignorant and used as slaves by ‘Shepherd’. Who is not a sheeple then? All we are accustomed with this currency system, are sheeple! We can’t think beyond this financial systems. These symbolic currency system was invented to ease exchange goods in daily life. Later it was considered that one who is having more currency is rich because he is able to buy more things than others. Before this money system, land owners were rich and before that, person having large number of animals were rich.

Today, we don’t have animals in our homes, we do not own lands but small house in building, but we have numbers of symbolic currency in bank, and we feel financially satisfied.

Our labourers and farmers are richest one in fact but they dont know. All people who do not have lands, who can not do constructive work, are poor in reality. Rich people can not eat their symbolic money or currency if labourers deny to work for them and farmers refuse to sell their grains.

I don’t dislike this currency system. It’s good for exchanging stuff. But I refuse to accept them as a rich ones who are considered having much numbers of symbolic currency in their banks. Someone has a big house like palace while others are spending their lives on footpaths, I dislike it.

I don’t write for people not having this ‘medium of exchange’. I’m not against of people having this ‘medium of exchange.’ Currency should be taken just a ‘medium of exchange things’ in daily life. Some people may have this ‘medium’ less and some have much.

I wanted to write over it for days but I didn’t know how to put all in words. Thought also enform themselves into words in mind but they are too speedy that one generally can not capture in memory. Writing makes me observe and sometimes allow me to analyse my thinking as well. Na, I’m not economist. I don’t know theories of economy. But still one can think and put opinions.

People having more this ‘medium of exchange’ are confident because they think they can buy anything, and anyone. We are now focused to have this ‘medium of exchange’ than having grains, animals and farms. I don’t know the future but I wish Labourers and Farmers should know their power.


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