Great People


Most of all great people have some stories behind or before their birth. Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Rama, Ji Gong, ..all had some stories behind their birth. I don’t know it were true or people created those stories later just to glorify their lives as divine being. Jiddu rejected to be known as a divine being. He was enlightened, samyak person and we don’t see him much respected in India, same with UG. Osho is hated more than respected.

Well, here I want to share two stories related my birth. It were not created by people but my mother and father used to tell me often. Generally I don’t share with everyone but here I have shared in one of my posts in past and again stories are here.

First, my mother had seen five Buddhist monks in her dream who were standing outside of house. My mother gave them some grains and as their blessings I was there.

Second story is from my father. I was in my mother’s womb and one day my father dreamed about me. He was having his lunch and a boy from nowhere approached to my father. The boy was starting at my father. When my father noticed the boy, he asked what he wants. The boy said ‘I want to share your food on your plate, do you allow me?’ My father said ‘Come’. Next day my father told to my mother the baby would be a boy, that’s me. Maybe this is why I was the my father used to love me more than other children he did.

Maybe these stories are fake or my parents would tell me just for entertainment, I don’t know. If it was real, they had seen me before my birth, in their dream, I don’t claim it was me, I don’t remember it was me. Even I don’t believe in such sorts of stories about Buddha Mahavira Krishna etc. In ‘Rockstar’ protagonist thinks if every great person had great sorrow or pain in their lives, he would also need to feel the pain, but he was not born in poverty, his parents were alive, how would he became a great artist? My father used to tell me that all great people had sufferings of poverty, but later I came to know he was wrong. Great person can be anyone no matter born in which financial status of family.

I don’t know what makes one great. Here ‘great’ word indicates to ‘people (were/are/will be) with great intelligence, wisdom, fame, money, power, charismatic attracting personality, excessive successful ones’.

I was born in 11th of Krishna Paksh in Chaitra month, during Shatabhisha Nakshatra’s 4th part in 1982. It’s said, people born on 11th of Krishna Paksha are fool, having no mind. Kalidasa (the great poet) was born on 11th of Krishna Paksha. If he was not insulated by his wife, he wouldn’t become a great poet, people say. All great persons in past and present are not cursed to be insulated, and all people who are insulated many times in their lives do not become great ones.

I’m lost.


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