Insult To The Power


“I’m an insult to the power, as a delicious black spot, above a tovoglia in white lace, like the smell of bleach in the toilet, like the smell of a cooking of ragu with onion, at 7 in the morning, it’s an insult to the rules , to the moral, mental, a refusal are dangerous.”

This is actually Jeff Duffy’s Facebook post and he didn’t take words from others. I don’t know from where he got this pic of crying little girl and on which time of it is, but it’s very catchy and words suits to the pic. ‘Tovoglia’ & ‘Ragu’ are new words here I found but this is not what I have posted this pic here for. This pic reminds me Annie Frank who was brutally killed by Nazies in her teenage.

Nothing I have this time to share with all. One of my brother’s friends is here and they are talking to each other. I’m almost ignoring them writing here this post.


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