Neither Flag Nor Wind But Mind


“See, the Flag is moving” said a disciple to other disciple gathered there to listen a master in a monastery.

“No! It’s wind moving the flag” other disciple replied.

Both of the disciples were watching the flag because speech was not started yet and everyone was waiting for the master. Liu Zu Hui Neng was passing by near the monastery and he heard the conversation between these two disciples arguing over either the flag is moving is the truth or flag is being moved by wind is the truth. Liu Zu approached to disciples and said ‘It’s neither flag is moving nor being moved by wind but your mind.”

I don’t know I have translated properly or not but Chi Chi & Melody shared this story with Me and Tanmay, today when we were at the Temple.

Mind is so unstable, not focused. UG cries “Mind Is Your Enemy” because he might have not found his mind positive to him but he knew everything is controlled by nothing but mind only. This ‘mindfulness’ is what I’m practicing nowadays. Observing breaths, being aware of physical movements, and knowing what is cooking in mind is great intelligence for one. Forcibly trying to control mind and keeping it involved in other thoughts so that it may not get into bad (?) thinking is not right way. Mind can be one’s slave but the process should not be used by force.

No Thought state comes in many situations, when one is confused, blank, tired, etc. but it brightens when one is aware about No Thought state with peace and happiness is there. If there is Peace and Happiness, Love must be there. Without Happiness the Peace is either by force or fake. This Peace of Mind, which is fake or imposed by force, is dangerous for individual and a nation too. Unstable Mind, if not is capable to control itself, can be moved by winds and used in destructive works.

An aware Mind atleast knows that it’s not stable, and it waits Peacefully till the right time comes. It observes itself how unstable it is, how sad it is, which feelings are there, how one feeling or combination of feelings appear and disappear, etc. Mindfulness is necessary for that. It helps one to see himself what and how is happening inside.

If mind doesn’t judge either flag is moving or being moved by winds, there is No Thought, observing and appreciating the beauty of the flag.


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