Happiness Lost!


It’s simple:
Earn money and live happy, die happy!

What all one would listen from a man who is spending life with pennies?
Do they want me to sacrifice my lands to Brahmins in their Yajna?
Oh! I need to leave my kingdom and go into search for god!
I should utilise my treasures in charity.
No one must die starving in my kingdom.
It’s my duty to keep everyone happy in my land. Otherwise all gods and goddesses will curse me and my people!


I’m not a king!
I don’t belong to any kingdom, no kingdoms belong to me.
I don’t have money!
My father left me not with treasures and thus I can’t do charity.
I even can’t play cards because One; I generally don’t have so enough money, second; I don’t know playing cards!
People are homeless, hungry, starving to death, but that’s not my land and I’m not responsible for for that. And who knows if I will be homeless, hungry, starving to death someday?
Let all gods curse me if they really exist, if they really can curse and make me curse them back.
I will forgive goddesses if they curse me. I respect women more than men. They are goddesses so what, they are women and I’m not asking them either they exist or not. They deserve to be treated with respect. All goddesses are princess and queens.

Brahmins! Your yajnas are not working anymore. I don’t have lands and cows to give you. And last, I don’t believe in your pooja, yajna, and all rituals.

If I had a kingdom, I would do all which deserves to a kind. If I had a treasure filled with unlimited gold, diamonds, jewelleries, I would give a little to poor.
Do I need to say I would give all my money to poor people? Na it’s not practical. What if I’m being realistic in my imagination. It keeps me awake in even my dreams.

What all one would listen from a man who is spending life with pennies!
I will spend my life roaming around the world, having so many sexy and hot girlfriends, staying in five-star hotels, paying tips to waiters and watchmen?
I will change my expensive clothes everyday ans will never use any cloth twice. I will have at least seven cars for each days of week. A great bank balance, 3bhk flats in all metro cities, farm houses in north eastern regions, thousands of servants. List is not completed.

A kid can make money from a dead rat. Hafid can sell expensive blanket to needy poor couple, in cold night of winters, free. Hamid can buy chimta for her grandma. Siddharth can be ready to sacrifice gis life for deer.

One goes to jungle or mountains to find himself, he may not need money. Rest of people facing questions of others, are forced to be part of competition, to be defeated from someone, to defeat others, satisfying their little ego, till they reach to their ends.

I keep watching them not from mountains but from other planet. Then I have to be back again on earth, in this corner od the globe, and I find myself too, a rat-racer.

Mantra is simple but changed:
Earn money, live and die!
Happiness is missing my friend.


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