Looking Out There


There is land out there where rarely I see for a few seconds. Fencing between me and the land is invisible. I have never tried to cross the fencing to reach out there. All I had been thinking, and seeing the land from this side, hoping to be there someday.

I wish, I would have ever racked the fencing, I would be free now. I have been here this side because my elders told me to stay here, because my society never allowed me to think out of it, because my people are this side, I was taught to be this side of the fencing. I’m captive of my society, my people, family, religion, race, language, nation, caste, organization. And they will never set me free. They will kill me or leave me to die but this side only.

I’m captive of my mind, and they rule my mind. My mind has forgotten to be rebellious, to revolt, to fight. They are my people, my nation, may family, society, caste, my race, but they have made me a sheep. They have made me a slave who knows nothing but to live with a fake smile on face. A slave whose destiny is being decided by a group of parliamentarians, some industrialists, and a few local leaders who are nothing but slaves got higher degrees of slavery.

I have lost my courage! I now can’t dare to see outside there. They say, a smell comes from the land. They don’t want me to experience that smell of freedom. They taught me the smell of freedom is worst and it makes one crazy. They say, not to see there, not even roam near this fencing.

I know nothing about the land. I have seen outside there but for few seconds only and even now if I get chance, I tru to smell the freedom. The invisible fencing exists there, they say, and I can’t cross it, otherwise I would be in danger and there is less possibility to come back this side again.

I wonder to see people this side worshipping those who leaped to that side. Those few ones have left this side and crossed the fencing are respected but they also had to face this process of making slave. They had courage so they refused to be slave. They left their language, society, nation, caste, religion, ..they have gone beyond their culture, nation, race, ..breaking all visible-invisible boundaries and they have become ideals for all. Still, I’m here, this side, looking out there.


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