The Myth


Don’t think!
Say what comes in mind!
That senior most disciple had spent three days and three nights thinking he should give the poem to master or not.
Nanak had been thinking for three days standing over a road.

People die,
And nothing is there to bring them back after gone!

They, who wanted to live, are dead now and, they who want to die are cursed to live!

Don’t ask me whether the life has found its way or not.
What can I say since I know all truth are being changed with time?

We keep fighting with death to live this painful life,
Don’t you think the freedom we have got is for us only?

If I’m here to experience results of karma I did in previous life,
I refuse to make karma again.
Cause and effect is true until one die,
And then let the results pass in infinite silence.

I doubt this theory of Karma, previous life, rest kf results, and being forced to come on this earth with life.
Cause and effect is what human mind observes in daily life, nothing else.

Effect remains there after act,
And death stops creating more causes,
Why to experience those effects again?

Isn’t it better to forget these theories and words of books,
And live this life happily?
One should do what makes him happy, without harming others.
That is simple way to spend his life.

Comparing mind makes one either feel proud or sad.
A mind free from comparisons only may feel happiness within.
But what if others makes one thinking and comparing with someone else?

Way is there, not far. Goal is clear.
But the right time has not come or passed.
Either to escape again to find new world to die here with sorrow, with shame!

No victory there!
One has to die, willingly or reluctantly. With sorrow, with shame, with feeling of unfulfillment.
Rest will seek their way is religion, nation, race, caste, people, or an ideal for whom they can end their lives.

Greed is in nature of all living beings like eagerness for knowledge, thrust of wisdom,
Born from eagerness and curiosity.
But no satisfaction after knowings.
Then again a journey there, calling to know more, earn more, enrich more, and at last?

They have written their books, spoken about what they have earned in their mind, but couldn’t say or write properly.
And they are gone leaving a whole generation in thirst for knowing more.

They, who had earned money, or knowledge, or wisdom,
Died at the end.
Happy were those who spent their lives enjoying moments, with smile on their face.

Words, books, teachings, informations, nothing will come to help whenone is in trouble.
It’s own heart there is to help one.
This heart which is pure, with it’s first percept, without judging whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, free from opinions of people, is true friend of one.
And one need to protect this heart.

Yes, Everyone has a chance!
Everyone has the heart.
Don’t think, don’t be judging,
Let it be done.
And don’t follow me or someone else, but your heart.


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