Two Poems

Master said all disciples to write down a poem so that he may recognize who is eligible to be his heir. Disciples didn’t dare to write any poem because they considered the senior most one disciple is more eligible than them and he only should be the next master. Senior most disciple wrote a poem but had been thinking for three days either he should give that poem to the master or not. After three days the senior most disciple wrote his poem on a notice board without his name but didn’t give to the master. Next day, master and other disciples saw the poem was there written on notice board but with no name. Master appreciated the poem but didn’t find the poet eligible to be his successor. Because the master praised to poem, all disciples started reciting the poem and a servant there working in kitchen, hears the poem. This servant also wanted to write a poem but he was uneducated, so a government officer helped him to write his poem on the board. Next day the master and all disciples saw the second poem also beside the first one. Master praised not this second poem too.

That night master met to the servant and gave him his cloth & pot claiming that he is appropriate one to be his successor but master did it all in private, not declaring publicly. He said the servant to leave the monastery immediately also giving him some hints where he should go and when to start preaching to people.

The servant became master after 16 years of master’s death.

Sometimes master knows who is most eligible one among his disciples but he has to keep it secret and hidden from others.
Eligibility for uprising to the higher levels is in everyone without regarding their financial-social-political-cultural-educational status.
Everyone seems wise and most eligible one also might be far from the understanding.
Mind which has been pure can be unpure again and so one needs to keep polishing his Mind with observations, and following heart.
There is danger everywhere for enlightened one but he roams fearlessly,  being carefree one.
He has to stay hidden till the right time comes for him.
Best way to spend life is to be healthy, carefree, fearless, peace in mind, love in heart, smile on face, respect for all living and nonliving beings.

In this photo, the first poem is of senior most disciple while the other one is written by the servant who became a great master.



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