It It Luck Makes Me Unfit?


There a guy was outside sitting on a bench lying there, he was playing games on his mobile phone. I didn’t disturb him and entered inside the studio. Some boys above 5’9 or 5’10” were inside, waiting for their turn. I didn’t ask anyone anything. Auditions were stopped. I had been waiting for casting director or assistants to ask if I’m fit or not for their look requirements. A teenage boy came out of a door beside and calmly said,

‘sir your look doesn’t go fit.’

‘Me?’ I just confirmed.

He said, ‘yes’.

I said, ‘ok, no problem’ and came outside of the studio.

Same guy also came out of the studio and I asked him,

‘excuse me, are you Tanu?’

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘Can I have your e-mail ID so that I may send you my pix and links etc.?’

‘Ah.. I don’t have Tanu’s email..’

‘Ain’t you Tanu?’

‘No, I’m (forgot his name), Tanu is girl.’

‘Ok’ I understood that he is assistant.
He left and I turned to another fatty guy smoking there,

‘hi, am I fit?’ Same question from me.

‘No, look doesn’t match’ same answer from him.

‘Ok, can I have your e-mail…’

‘I’m in production not in casting’ he overlapped my lines.

‘Ok’ my reply, and I left the building.


This is what happens most of the times with me. I’m not fit! Not fit for their requirements. For ad, they need handsome boys, fair, rich look, zero fat athlete body. I’m not fit I knew still I go there for what? Who knows if I’m only fit for the bill? An average looking man, less than 5’7″ height, black spots on face, doesn’t go fit for any character.

I know some very talented actresses here and some of them are more beautiful than average looking girls still they run for small cameos characters in episodic tv shows, events, etc. They are not working continually while working actresses are not like princess looking girls.
Here I’m not talking about models.
Models are not actors.

I want to do tv, not movies. I’m fed up of doing theatre with unprofessional theatre groups. Now I need continuity characters in tv serials but again, look doesn’t match.
They need rich, fair, taller, athletic body for their lead and semi-lead characters in auditions but actors in tv I see, not much better looking than average actors. I don’t know from where and how they cast their artists.
Are they very talented ones since beginning?
Is there luck sort of cause behind working actors?
Yes, many people believe in Luck. Some actors are just ok ok but they get much works on tv and ads while many talented actors can be seen roaming in Aram Nagar, Shri Ji, Lokhandwala, Malad for auditions, production house to production house, studios to studios, looking for works. Many of them are seniors, have done so many movies also, still not established. They must have done all their efforts but is that their luck which keeps them running for finding works? Wittgenstein believes, what cannot be said, we must leave in silence.


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