To Feel Good, Do Theatre


>> First question from your friends, when you meet them after a long time, ‘You got any job or still doing theatre?’

>> Your father’s friends to him about you, ‘get your son some job or he will waste his life in theatre.’

>> People appreciate you, they appreciate your acting but never suggest you to make it your career. Why? Everyone wants Bhagat Singh should born again but in neighbouring,  not their homes.

>> If you reply them as an artist,
‘I do theatre, I’m a theatre artist’

‘Get some work, earn money.’ they say before completing your sentence,
And you, feeling irritated with their sentence, but showing fake smile on your face, reply,

‘Yeah, I kepp applying for jobs too, I’m preparing for govt job (railway, police, bank, etc.).’

‘Then concentrate on your study. This acting-fecting is useless’ they suggest you as they are only well-wisher of you.

>> Your aunt to your mom:
How old is your son? Has he completed graduation?

Mom: Yes, recently with good marks.

Aunt: Tell him to leave theatre and focus on getting jobs. Get him married as soon as possible otherwise he will stay unemployed.’

(Hidden truth: The aunt has a daughter studying in graduation last year and she wants you to marry her)

>> And what if a girl is doing theatre?

‘What? No no, that’s not good. Get your daughter married soon otherwise she will runaway with someone and you ‘ll regret for life!’

‘Chhi chhi, these acting theatre is not for our sorts of family women. We are reputated in society.’

‘Don’t tell them that your daughter is/was in theatre.’

>> if girl is in theatre, it is concerned that she is too open to men and she may be in relationships with more than one men. They think, theatre actress in small cities are not traditional anymore and supposed to be independent, confident, and not good for being a housewife.

>> Boys doing theatre are wasting their energy in useless activities.

>> They want obedient slaves as boys and traditional-shy-dependent-housewives who can produce kids and sacrifice their lives to please their husbands. This is what all they want from their generation to be. Get educated, do jobs, get married, produce children, get old, and die. And what will children do? They will produce more children to be slaves of society, religion, culture, etc.

We appreciate actors on tv and movies but we don’t want our sons and daughters to the same. Yes, all parents are not same. Some of parents promote their sons to make carrier in acting but still ratio of girls is less than boys. Reason: First, parents are too protective for their daughters and it’s obvious, no doubt. Second, ‘what society/people would say?’ Third, there would be some problems is marriage.

>> People should know, theatre teaches many things without free of charge. Theatre makes one social, open, working, feel happy. Theatre makes one good for society and family too. Theatre breaks boundaries of religion-cast-language-nation-race.. etc. The best thing I see in theatre is, it helps one to be free, to think freely.


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