My Blog, My Personal Diary


People write blogs about contemporary political issues, social issues, sometimes on economic issues too. There are blogs on travel and thoughts too.

When I was thinking to start writing blogs, I thought it’s like ‘personal dairy’ of one and this is why my blog is with my personal experience, personal likes-dislikes, my opinions on my tropics. Doesn’t matter who is reading this or who will read my blogs and when. I’m not here to spred my spiritual philosophy, political thoughts or my thinkings over social-economic issues. I just do empty myself here. I don’t write much on facebook nowadays because that is not satisfactory for me. Twitter is not for me.

I started writing diary when I was in 10th class (1997-98). I was very honest and open there but I had to keep my diaries hidden so that nobody could reach my inner life. Later when I was in MA, I burned all my diaries because they were more than 17 and I felt that I couldn’t keep them away from my family.

I can’t be so honest here on blogs. I can’t share my secrets on this open page. Here I empty myself. I write here all what I can’t talk to my friends and family. Here I don’t get responses or comments like facebook posts, but here I feel happy. Here means Blogspot and WordPress, both.

Sometimes I feel I should write posts related to acting only like other people, they write about their field only but then I think, why should I limited myself? I’m free to write about all subjects comes in my mind. I studied Philosophy in university, I’m interested in History also, Geography is one of my favorite subjects, I’m sensitive about Dalit and Tribal like social issues, Religion is also in my list. I’m not limited into acting only. Also, sharing daily life experiences is, I feel, necessary for me. Today I met a lady in garden and her words made me little upset, I shared the incident here an previous post, like that.

I don’t think my English is good. My hindi speaking friends think I know better English than them but I’m not sure. I don’t know I really can express my thoughts and emotions here in English, also I don’t know if my grammar is right or wrong. I write for myself. Typing in Hindi is difficult though I’m more expressive in hindi, and if I type hindi using roman letter is not satisfactory for me.

To whom I’m saying these all and why? Nobody asked me why and what I write here! This is another way I’m talking to myself. Writing also helps to observe me what’s in my mind and putting some of them on words makes me thinking (and feeling) clearly.

I write till I get related words for a post. I write first on my phone’s Memo then I share on Blogspot and WordPress. No matter how long my post is but it’s under Memo’s word limit. Nowadays after receiving Dao (Tao), I came to know that I should set my mind free and just be observer of it. My words comes here without thinking. I just type here and try to be grammatically correct what I know. I know a little grammar and my English vocabulary is also small.

Now I think I should have my dinner.

19/04/2016 ♡
11:30pm ♡


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