Unwanted Spiritual Intruders


After a month I went to Lokhandwala garden today morning. I did some exercises and then at 08:30 am I seated on a bench waiting for my Chinese friends. There were four benches there in a circle and four old men and an old woman were sitting there on each bench. Lady seemed to be so called spiritual with her white outfits and one of old men was singing an old song in Sanskrit language, maybe trying to impress others. After he finished his song, the lady asked another man to sing any song but the old man refused saying ‘I can’t sing’. Lady said him to sing for himself only but she couldn’t make him to sing, and the man left.

Now lady turned to me. I was watching in front of me in emptiness ignoring them all. Lady was around 50, fatty, short hair, and her get up was white kurta pajama. She asked me my name but at first I didn’t listen her. I wanted her to know that I was not interested to talk to her. She asked me again with a little louder voice,

‘What’s your name, son?’

‘Shraddhanshu.. Shraddhanshu Shekhar’ I said.

‘You should keep your hair short so that your forehead should be visible to others’ she gave me unnecessary suggestion which was neither asked nor required.

She might be showing her greatness to me because she was older and I look younger than my age. She might be thinking herself spiritual and having some hidden knowledge etc. Her unwanted suggestion made me dislike her. I smiled to see her as a reply but it didn’t stop her to showing her knowledge to me,

‘Show me your hands’

I showd her both of my palms. She pretended to examine lines on my palms and said,

‘Too much problems are there in your life..’

I noded as yes, she continued,

‘…you’ll overcome your difficulties when you reach at your 30s. What do you do?’

‘I’m actor and nowadays helping my friend in casting’ I replied politely.

‘Where are you from?’

‘MP, Balaghat’

‘MP, Sonu also is from MP, he is also actor and comes here often, do you know him?’

‘No, I don’t’

‘…you have to do much hardwork to be successful. What your father does?’

‘He is no more’ I answered with flat face.

‘..and your mother?’ She put another question.

‘Shee too, no more’ I replied with same expression.

‘With whom do you live here?’ Again she asked.

‘With my elder brother’ I was hesitant to say that.

Suddenly my Chinese friends approached there to the lady and gave her a liquid, maybe she had asked them before. They had a little conversation about the drink and I started to leave with Chinese friends, the lady insisted me to stay there with motherly love,

‘Son, you sit here’

‘No, I do practice here with them (Chinese people)’ I said and left the place.


I often meet these sorts of people who suggest unnecessarily, showing elderly love, greatness etc. I respect all so they think I got under their influences. I also pretend to be a good listener but when I show them my knowledge, they start feeling low and I became unpleasant for them.

I’m fed up of these sorts of so called spiritual-astrologers-palm readers… I’m not young and I have my own conclusions.

I didn’t ask her name, her native place, her occupation, because I don’t have to make anyone my disciple. That lady sorts of people believe in making follower by impressing people. They teach to have faith in god etc. without knowing all concepts in different religions. I Hate Them! I hate when someone is not understanding other thoughts and keep vomiting shits through mouth.

Religious people are not good.
Religious Astrologers and Religious Spirituals must be kept away.

Hope, I will never see her again. I can’t please others as spiritual slave. I hate so called spiritual people, especially when they belong to any organized religion.


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