Getting Old, Looking Young


A king was asked to leave his kingdom when he is old.
King asked to his ministers when he will be old? Is there any sign of getting old?
Ministers told him some signs of elder age, one of them sign was ‘gray Hair’. His  senior minister suggested him when he sees his hairs are getting gray from black, it means he has started getting old.

After few years the king saw an white hair on his head. He made his son king of the kingdom and left to jungle of Kamrup (present Assaam in north east) with his wife to observe Vanprasth stage of life.

It is said, earlier in ancient time, people used to live thousands of years. Ok, I know it’s not true but this is not the matter of discussion. The king was said being so anxious to see that only white hair on his head. Nowadays, people colour their hairs with different colours. Some of them whiten their hairs deliberately. Having gray hairs is still disliked by normal people but they dye black, brown or other colours.

In my case, most of my hairs already have become gray/white. My moustache has 20% of hair white and almost 15% of my beard have become white. 5 – 6 hairs inside my nose have turned white and also one hair of my left eyebrow is white.  On other hand, if I’m said that I have one leg in grave and another on earth, would be true. The journey started since 1982 have reached nowhere but turned with white hair.

I’m not a king. If I were a king, I wouldn’t leave my kingdom just to see an or some white hair hanging on my forehead, rather, I would dye or shave my head. I do not prefer to have bath in blood like one Egyptian queen to stay looking young forever.


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