Buddha Purnima, 2016


ये च बुद्धा अतीता च, ये च बुद्धा अनागता।
पचुपन्ना च ये बुद्धा, अहं वन्दामि सब्बदा ।।

The Buddhas of the ages past,
The Buddhas that are yet to come,
The Buddhas of the present age,
I always pay homage to them.

It’s Buddha Jayanti today being celebrated as Siddharth Gautama Buddha’s Birth Anniversary in Buddhist community. It’s full moon when he was born, enlightened and went beyond Nirvana. Though, ‘Buddha’ word is used for all enlightened ones and not only for Siddharth Gotama but the is observed on his birthday only. In modern days ‘Buddha’ word started being used for Osho and Jiddu krishnamurti also in India, while, as I see to my Chinese friends, there were so many people recognized and respected as ‘Buddha’ in China. There were Ji Gong, Mi Le, many more.

I’m not against to celebrate this day observing as just Siddharth Gotama’s birth anniversary only.

…….I’m actually sad to see my friends belonging to other religions not greeting me on Buddhist festivals, hence, I send them greetings on their festivals. They know I’m not hindu, I know I follow no religion but I was born in a Buddhist family and my father was a Buddhist Priest, I feel a bit attachment with Navyana Buddhism (Neo-Buddhism) started by Dr. Bhim Rao Ram Ji Ambedkar. Because, other people don’t send me greetings on Buddhist festivals, I feel no enthusiasm to greet them on their religious festivals. In social whatsapp groups, generally people don’t greet others on Buddhist festivals while hindu greet to Muslims on eid and Muslims greet to hindus on holi-diwali, People greet to each other on Sikh religious festivals too, they greet each others on Xmas also… but Buddhists, Zorastrians, Jaina, Bathu, Sarna, and other religious minorities are always ignored by Hindus Christians Sikh and Muslims in India.

Today is Buddha Jayanti and let’s see which non-buddhist friend greets me the day on Facebook, on my whatsapp, here on this blog or on personal.

If Dr. Ambedkar had not promoted Buddhism in India, Buddha was almost forgotten by India. Buddha and Buddhists of all nations must be thankful for Ambedkar to keep Buddhism alive in India. Dalai Lama and their Buddhism has no use for most of Indians. It was Ambedkar who brought a large population to equality and self respect by his Neo-Buddhism. It’s said, Buddha never visited lower caste colonies. If today, Buddha Purnima is being celebrated by a large population of India, credit goes to Ambedkar.

Happy Buddha Jayanti to all

02:29 am



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