21st Of May, 2016


I’m listening Jimmy Cliff’s ‘I Can See Clearly Now..’ kept it on repeating mode, and writing here. The pic here shared mine has no relation with the post or the song. Mind is free to think, free to go anywhere, any-anywhere, to think someone in any way. I will just see if grammer is ok ok ok and spelling is almost right. No matter the post is useless, inappropriate, childish, immatured, ..I’m not writing to teach someone anything.

Jimmy Cliff’s this song was earlier and originally by someone I forgot his name but I have seen the video today on YouTube.

I’m thinking about my Chinese friends, they are far from their houses in India from China to spread their Dao Philosophy here among Hindu society and all. I don’t think people will accept them as they are using the way to reach the people. If I were one of their team, I would choose the way of Buddha, Confusious, Mahaveera, Kabeer, Nanak… etc. First, they don’t know Hindi and other regional languages of India. Second, they don’t go to villages to seek their new friends. Third, they have limited themselves into small area of metro cities.

I have stopped the song and removed earphones from my ears. Now I see the dan in noisy.

Yesterday was Buddha Purnima. Only one friend sent me a pic wishing Happy Buddha Jayanti. Others, they didn’t greet me even on whatsapp groups.

This sorts of behaviour of Indian people I dislike much. They msg each other on other religious festivals but always ignore Neo Buddhists in India.

Yesterday someone shared a post on Mustafa Kamal Ataturk on Facebook and I’m very much impressed to know about him. Earlier I knew only that Mustafa Kamal Pasha Ataturk was the first president of Turkey who brought fundamentalist Turkey into modern Turkey of new age, but how, that I didn’t know before.

Swami Balendu removes people from his Facebook list whom he see following any organized religion. I haven’t check if I’m removed or still there, because I had shared a post about Buddha Jayanti on Facebook. He is an atheist and progressive modern man who doesn’t make followers or disciples. He is also against of Teacher-Disciple tradition rather he believes in giving knowledge to all without regarding race; caste, nationality etc. Yes, he is an earthian in that way and I don’t see him a nationaist but he is not anti-nationalist.

I see, my mind doesn’t think about earning money and fame. I’m not fit for this economic world and the way.

I’m sleepy and I should sleep now though I think I can’t wake up early in the morning tomorrow.

22nd of May, 2016


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