22nd of May, 2016


I woke up too late today, as I already had assumed yesterday night. Without doing some physical exercise I feel my body lazy and slow. I don’t know everyone feels the same or not. When I go to garden for jogging and exercising, I see many people there doing physical practices of yoga, jogging, walking, exercising and some relaxing on benches. I dont think they all are health conscious. Nowadays, it’s fashion to pretend to be very health conscious. Rich people go to gym for showing how much they are aware about themselves. They hire dieticians who suggest them what to eat, how to eat, when to sleep, how long to sleep etc. In small cities and village area, people do not show off such unnecessary things.

I see people in garden, they sit and do breathing exercise (pranayam) with closed eyes, ignoring the beauty of garden. Some people do breathing exercise very fast, violently, to show other people.

Some people come there to talk with other people, that is good. In old age, they need company to share time and experience.

Tonight I will try to sleep early, oh! 11:36pm already. If I wake up early tomorrow, I will go to garden for sure.

Goodnight ♡


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