Is That Jiddu In Me


Answer >> Don’t you think we human being consider ourselves the highest one among all species?

Question >> Is that you who is asking the question or Jiddu?

Answer >> These are my words, it’s my question. If my thoughts or my way of thinking match with Jiddu, it’s nothing but a coincidence only. I don’t quote him or others, I don’t put his words in my conversations, I even have left reading his book. I rarely read him on internet, I read his only book in entire life was ‘The First And The Last Freedom’ which I left reading without finished.

I respect UG also Osho as well hence I know UG criticised Jiddu & Osho in very uncivilized way but he could say the thing winch Jiddu couldn’t say and Osho couldn’t realize.

In this way, you should see not only Jiddu but also both Osho & UG as well in me. But you will see only JK because that is what you know about me and you think my thoughts are inspired by Jiddu. No my friend, I’m not Jiddu Krishnamurti, I’m not UG, I’m not Osho. It would be better if could see a Buddha in me, but you can’t, because, to see Buddha in others, you yourself has to be having an awakened Buddhahood within yourself.

Question >> So you think I’m not Buddha or I don’t have ability to become buddha? Aren’t you ignoring my hidden Buddhahood within me?

Answer >> Here you are trying to catch me by my words. I can cleverly save myself from this blame but I won’t do it because I know the truth: That time when you asked me ‘Is that you who is asking the question or Jiddu?’ You were kidding me in a satirical way. So I answered you philosophically.

..and I’m not ignoring your ability to become a Buddha. That is you already.

Question >> You cunningly trying to escape from debate.

Answer >> No use of debate, better we should talk over the matter or other topics, or better to share our experiences of life, or to stay quiet and to rest our words.

Question >> Did you learn all these from Jiddu Krishnamurti?

Answer >> All these, what?

Question >> To escape from discussion, cleverly making the conversation lighter and staying away to create controversies?

Answer >> What I learned from Jiddu is ‘his way od thinking, and observing’. I learned ‘how to see and analyse’. Also, I learned what is to focus on and what is to be left.

For instance, you asked me “Did you learn all these from Jiddu Krishnamurti? To escape from discussion, cleverly making the conversation lighter and staying away to create controversies?”

Here, first I saw the question, I observed it without getting involved. Then I brokened it down to analyse. I found the question is provoking me to refute over the relation od my thoughts and Jiddu Krishnamurti. Ok, but then I focused the other part kf the question which is hidden ‘what I learned from Jiddu?’ And I answered that question.

Question >> So, Jiddu taught you this?

Answer >> ..this is not process used by only Jiddu Krishnamurti, but Buddha, Mahavira, Osho, UG, and others also used the same way to ‘see, observe, and analys’ words. Here ‘words’ comes after thoughts which emergesin mind after listening the question or words. Again, other things, world, people, all create thoughts & emotions inside. To ‘see, observe and analyse’ is helpful to understand the the nature of the Word, Nature of the People-world-and all. Many hidden meanings are revealed by this way.

Question >> You didn’t answer me: Jiddu taught you this way?

Answer >> Answer was given before the question, didn’t you see that? I just continued my talk. Your answer was there before the question.


29th of May, 2016.
02:10am. Midnight.


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