Cheetah Behind The Bars


Cheetah started arguing with Donkey. Cheetah said the sky is blue while Donkey said the colour of sky is black. All animals of the jungle were enjoying their arguments. Fox suggested them to go and ask judgment from King Lion.

Cheetah and Donkey, both with all animal crowd, reached at the court of Lion. He patiently listened both sides of arguments and ordered the Tiger to put Cheetah behind the bars.

All animals were shocked!
Donkey was happy and praising the Lion’s justice he returned to his home.

In the midnight, the Lion went to see Cheetah. He was sad but without crying he asked to the Lion ‘why did you put me in jail while you too know that I’m right and Donkey is wring?’

Now the verdict is classic and involves a lot of learning.

The Lion said :- ‘I know you are right but still you are punished because you argued with stupid.’


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