Enthusiasm Fades With Time


1st of March (2016) was the day I met Chinese friends in Lokhandwala Park. They were doing Yuanji and I was watching them from a distance sitting on a bench qnd it was 2nd of March, 2016. They were looking so cute doing Yuanji with slow movements. I approached to Chi Chi and asked about the dance and fees. She said ‘it’s free’ 🙂 And I started doing with them.

After few days I cleared them that I’m interested I’m in Tai Chi more than Yuanji.  Chi Chi, Melody and Hui taught me Tai Chi for entire the March regularly and I was able to perform Tai Chi 24 till 10he of April 2016. I wanted to learn more but they said they don’t know other froms.

One 70+ years old lady master of Tai Chi came to Mumbai. She was here for three days and I couldn’t learn sword from her. There was her old indian student she invented him in garden. Her concentration was to practice her student not to teach me or others. I was a good student entire the March but after old master’s arrival, I lost my enthusiasm to learn Tai Chi. Gradually I stopped going to Lokhandwala Garden.

Enthusiasm for anything is not always the same.

I have started learning Chinese language. Let’s see how long I sustain my eagerness to learn this language. I’m totally newfor this language. I have to learn from zero, as a kid.

>> Why I’m learning this language :
>> What will I do/get after learning Chinese?

It’s another matter what I will get or do after learning Chinese. I’m learning Chinese because I enjoy learning Chinese. I enjoyed learning Tai Chi also. All what we do is because either it’s necessary/compulsory or we enjoy that otherwise doing is nothing but a punishment for nothing.

There are three types of acts:

A- action and result goes together
B- action produces result

Dancing, Singing, Acting, Meditating, Helping, ..are some examples when Action and Result goes together. When the action is stopped, result too is stopped.

Eating is examples of ‘action produces result’ after when one feels full while during action of eating one enjoys taste of food that is example of A. Sex is example of A at first, if it’s for having children then it becames example of B.

C = ?? Some actions produce result after a long long time. Father puts a seed on earth, children eat the fruits.

Causation Theory is also applicable here.

I’m learning Chinese because I enjoy it. Action and Result here goes together. I don’t think what I will get or do after learning this language.

I will leave learning Chinese language if I feel I’m not enjoying. I may also leave it if I don’t have time. They also may refuse to teach me and then I have to stop learning Chinese.

I had started learning Kathak, Karate, Computer, the same way and the same way I had left them. Same with theatre.

Here we see, there is ‘Neither Beginning Nor Ending’ but” a part between two ends” we call it time. Can one ever born or die in real? Isn’t it just “passing by” the market?

Ghalib saab says:
Duniya mein hoon, Duniya ka talabgaar nahi hoon’
Bazar se guzra hoon, Kharidaar nahi hoon’

He was, he had been, he stayed and left.

Someone asked me why I’m learning Chinese.
So I’m learning, till I’m enthusiastic and interested in Chinese.
No zidd here to learn it. Not any compulsion or necessity. It’s because Action and Result go together here and I like the result.

31st of May,
2016, Tue.


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