Suffering Is Bigger Than Death


I ate 5 parathaas with karela.
It was my brunch and I’m not supposed to eat anymore today.

Some people believe, Life lasts until one finishes all foods prepared for him. When one has consumed all foods he was given, life comes to its end -: it’s not my thought  neither I believe in such theories. I don’t know when and why one dies. *what about those who keep eating whole day? They eat fast food every time. They become fatty and oversized human body but they die only when their time comes to go.

If I reduce my breath rate to zero level, will I be alive forever or die? Some people used to suggest, if you breath less, you’ll enhance time of your life. They think (they believe), everyone is given (by god or imaginary one in sky) a limited quantity of oxygen. If we don’t

It’s sure (as for now, 2016) that everybody will die, everyone who was born is going to die, still I see people not afraid of death. Yes, nobody wants to die but they are not afraid to die. I see people avoiding pain not death. I have never seen anyone who is afraid of death if it’s without pain.

Pain or suffering is greatest fear for all, I see. Either they are small creature or bigger animals, they try to avoid suffering. Death is sure and it’s not frightful. Those who commit suicide, found suffering in life is greater than death. They chose death over painful life.

I wish, everyone could know about his death time and date and death would be painless, peaceful.

I can’t say pain and suffering is same but they are similar and disliked by all living beings :- ok, why do people chew tobacco or drink wine hence tobacco and wines tastes unpleasant?

I ate 5 paraatha with karela. Karela is bitter but favourite for many people.

31st of May
2016, Tue.


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