Behind Ancient Temple


Truth behind Glorified Ancient Temple:

Who made the temple?


From where he got all that money?

It was tax paid by people.

Who were the people?

Farmers, fishermen, washermen, cleaners, labourers etc.

For what the king used to spend the money paid by the people as tax?

On armies, temples, salary for courtiers, gifts to priests, awards for artists.

Army protected rich businessmen and priests as well. So, businessmen, priests, soldiers and king became as an administrative body to rule over the people. This group of rulers was exempted from doing work. They were parasites on working people.

The parasites had time to develop Art (paintings, musics, dance etc) from their boredoms. This is why, classical dances, classical music, were developed under courts and temples. And this is what the reason was, artists had to praise the king and religion.

Working population, that is public, had different type of songs which were considered immatured, uncivilized, and non-classical, means Folk-music, folk-songs, folk dance etc.

Art nourished under rulers’ protection was to entertain them while the Art originated and developed by public was for self-entertainment.

So, herewe see, there were two types of people –
1) Working people like farmers, Labourers etc.
2) Courtiers, soldiers, businessmen etc.

First had to do hardwork.
Second had not to do hardwork.

Hardworking people were financially poor and powerless. They were seen weakened made by god to serve rulers.

Not-hardworking people, which were less in numbers, occupied money-powere-and natural resources. They propagated themselves as represeters of god.

Hard-working people were projected as weak, and lower in society while rulers projected themselves blessed by god.

This all was done by rulers using religion as their tool.

This is traditional, social, political, and economical injustice! This has been being for thousands of years in this south Asian subcontinent.

We were considered to end this injustice after independence in 1947 but as Britishers left the land, the group of old clever people has become active again. They want to bring old era of social – financial – political – traditional injustice back in this south Asian subcontinent.

This is how, they use religion – culture – tradition as their tool to keep working people serving them. They don’t want people to think against them. Though, some people understand the conspiracy but most of population is still kept blind by religion – culture – patriotism – language – castes – etc.

Temples weren’t made by king or priests.

(The post is inspired by Himanshu Kumar’s Facebook post. Some words I just had to translate as it is but entire post is not a translation. Thanks to Himanshu Ji for his Facebook post that made me to see this way)

2nd of June
2016, Thursday


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