Pure Question


When a question arises in mind, one must be knowing >

1) why the question emerged in me
2) how it is related to me
3) do I really need to know that
4) is it relevant
5) what if I leave the question
6) can’t I find the answer myself
7) am I depending on others for answer
8) is that I already know the answer but just to know what other have opinion over it
9) I know already the answer but just to see their moral support
10) I know the answer but asking just for conformity on my opinion

One who tests these 10 lines and still having the question is having pure question.

There maybe more tests for one to examine his question’s authenticity, but here is what all I could think.


I thought these because I feel not to talk with people. I avoid talking. My mind  tries to stay away from talkings. Yes I think inside my mind, but to put words out and share with people is hard to me.


08:50 am
Fri. 3rd June 2016


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