Borrowed Opinions, For Sheeple!


Nobody would care what you write on your blog or facebook or twitter until you become a public figure or a celebrity. You keep barking-writing-shouting and nobody would listens you.

— but it was a little old time.

Now is the time when media makes one celebrity, known, powerful or powerless too. Media has occupied the power to make someone famous or notorious. Blind Sheeple are in majority and media drives them according to their masters.

Purn Singh questions on ‘media-feeded-sheeple’ “Why are you dying to hang your life on small columns on newspapers? These people famed by newspapers are not real men. They lose their fame-name-and power when newspapers changed minds”.

In fact, our heart knows the truth. We just ignore our heart and follow outer informations-opinions etc. and this is how a heart gets corrupted and we lose our real nature too.

Didn’t they know that killing is a crime when they were lynching Akhlaque in Dadri?
They burnt young dalit handicapped girl and her old father alive, I believe, if they would have listened what their own heart saying to do, they wouldn’t have done those crimes.
A mother was forcibly made naked and beat by a blind mob because her son fled with his girlfriend who belonged to upper caste.

The mob who do these crimes are proofs that Sheeple exist. They lose their minds and commit crimes. I can’t blame any satan or ibliss which enters in people’s mind to make them committing crimes.
It’s all because the mob has no common opinion. They are driven and governed by their Masters, books, and immature opinions on media. Masters know when and how to put which issue on media. They don’t talk about topics which may go against their policies.

It’s better for one to get in touch with informations but make own opinion. Don’t take opinions from tv news channels’ debates and editorials of newspapers. I don’t know if penalists on tv debates are paid for making the debate a Fish Market. Maybe those specialists are requested to bark-and-croak non-stop in their debates, but people should not borrow their opinions from debates,
Rather, one should follow his heart.

Boy and Girl love to each other but belong to different religion, different castes, or different nations.
What’s wrong?
Religion and spiritual faith is one’s personal matter.
Caste is useless and backward system.
Nations are population under political lines on earth planet.

Real Love never sees limitations, boundaries, differences.

Cultures don’t match?
We should allow different cultures to mix together.
Parents’ wish?
It’s children’s duty to teach their parents if they are wrong. Parents are not always right. If parents don’t allow children to choose their partners, children should help their parents to be upgraded.
But media doesn’t promote intercaste-interreligious marriages. Media doesn’t loose social rigidity. If media would, it could have played the most ipm role to develop the India. Masters did nothing but used media as a tool to drive sheeple for their interests only.

People are not bad. They are either sheeple or good. Mass follow the icons created by media. Icons cry and sheeple cry. Icon can’t play the cricket and media makes sheeple mourning. Icon sneezes and media makes sheeple feeling cold.

A good media makes people thinking, analysing, and upgrading while ‘tool of clever’s’ creates Sheeple.

2016, Sat.
4th of June,


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