They Proved Wrong!


“Time is now on your side”
they said and disappeared.
I was there astonished,
Feeling the wind.

They proved wrong by time
And left me to repent for my life.
I didn’t ask them to predict my future.
I would have made my future if they wouldn’t be there.

They were part of my society
And I had no choice.
But now I have choice
To be friended with whom and whom not
To talk to whom and whom not.

I don’t say I have all choices
But now I know what I can do and what I can’t.

I can’t make sparrow to sing for me
I can’t make river to follow my direction
I know the wind doesn’t obey me
But I know my heart is my slave.

I know my abilities and disabilities now
I know my likes and dislikes clearly
I know the ‘I’ is not me
Rather, I’m more simple than that.

I’m still depending on others, incidents, weather, to get my experiences
But what I have to cherish and what not
Is my choice.

Society made me what I’m not
Now returning to be what I was
The king had to behave as he was crazy
And a wolf has to be under sheep’s cloth.


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