Anxious B4 Shoot


Going for a shoot.

They found me on Facebook and contacted me. Yesterday had a meeting and I heard the concept about the short film they are going to shoot tomorrow.

Thay said it’s for a competition only so I’m not supposed to get paid, however they said, they would pay me some money.

I’m not feeling good.

It’s character of a poor farmer. I did my preparation today on my level. I had not had a bath till 4pm and drunk a little water entire the day. But as I didn’t get their call till evening, I took a bath and drunk 2 bottles of water. I was feeling thirsty.

Now I’m worried aboutthe shoot, how would be my look tomorrow.

Not bathing and avoiding drinking water for entire the day, made me looking ditto a poor farmer, but now I’m not sure about my look because I’m not feeling the character they want from me.

The team is new and I know only one person of them. I’m little anxious and suspecting too. Also I’m feeling a bit afraid.

Hope, everything will be alright.

9 June, 2016


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