‘I Am’ Is Always In Between!


These books of self-help, teach theories only.
One has to apply the theory practically in his life.

In and during the process of applying theories, one shifts from own reality.
During and after the process, one tries to become what he is not.

One becomes and tries to become, what he is not.

So here I see a conflict:
Conflict between
‘I am’ and ‘I want to be/become’.

What Jiddu says is his view.
UG may have has different and shouting words on this topic.
Leave Osho please.

Buddha, Mahavira, Ajit, Makkhali, Nanak, Kabir.. all might have had different or same or similar opinions.

Spiritual books are not less than Self-Help books for religious people.

Same with philosophers -words from thinkers (including names mentioned above) are nothing but entertainment for their intellect.

One lives and dies for nothing,
As time comes,
To complete the process, journey, ..

After spending a whole life, one becomes useless
For society, and
For himself too.

He remembers/recalls the past because of having no future
To dream about,
To plan for.

An old man also is not always in ‘I am’.
Ha has nothing ‘to be/become’.
But I don’t see them happy and free from the conflict.

They are stuck between the conflict of
‘I am’ and ‘I was/used to be’.

‘I am’ is always
In between
‘I was/used to be’ and ‘I want to be/become’.

I have not given or said anything new or strange, amazing, fantastic.

What before ‘I was/used to be’?
What after ‘I want to be/become’?

(Oh these two questions are useless, producing uselessness through so called spiritual / intellectual talks)

I see conflict because (may be) I’m in conflict. I’m not sure about others and commoners. My observations are not observations of all and I can’t make opinion/derision for all.

02:50 am
June 9, 2016



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