Nobody Can Teach Anything To Anyone!


QUESTION >> You seem to be leaving us. Please tell us the truth if you have found in your life. Or tell us the secret of happiness.. Please bless us with your knowledge and wisdom.

ANSWER >> Why do I tell you anything? Why do you think me to tell you any secret? Do you still believe in secrets or formulas about life and nature? What makes you think I have achieved any wisdom or great knowledge?

QUESTION >> You are about to leave us forever, so we thought you wanted to tell us your last words, nothing else.

ANSWER >> It’s simple to ask me my last words, what that rubbish secrets, knowledge, wisdom…huh!

Every one who was born will die. Entire the life was a journey from birth to death and it’s not necessary that everyone dies with wisdom or extra knowledge or that sorts of fictional words.

QUESTION >> So, were these your last words?

ANSWER >> No! I will speak more! And my last word will be silence, emptiness.

QUESTION >> Then, what are these you are talking now?

ANSWER >> Jokes! Didn’t you understand the joke or I don’t know making jokes?

QUESTION >> You are about to die and you want us to laugh at your pjs?

ANSWER >> Don’t laugh then. It’s ok. All is up to you all.

QUESTION >> We thought you would like to share some knowledge with us.

ANSWER >> See, everyone has enough knowledge and understanding for them. Don’t try to teach anything to anyone. If someone asks you to give him knowledge, examin him if he really need and deserves for the knowledge or not. Also introspect yourself, do you really have that knowledge and ability to convey or not.

If not, don’t reply.

QUESTION >> What if someone doesn’t deserve for the time but would deserve in future?

ANSWER >> Teach him in future. Simple.

QUESTION >> You didn’t give us knowledge, why? Ain’t we deserve for that or you didn’t have any special knowledge to share with us, or you have no ability to speak out …..

ANSWER >> Didn’t I tell you the imp thing?

QUESTION >> But it was simple thing. Not words like enlightened one.

ANSWER >> Enlightened ones speak simple and in normal way. They aren’t to prove anyone, anything. Enlightened ones have no competition to prove I’m more enlightened then others.

All are same there.

QUESTION >> So you are an enlightened one?

ANSWER >> ‘Enlightened’ word is used for those having great understanding with simplicity. If you see anyone like this, you may call him ‘enlightened one’ though he may or may not be knowing about this word.

QUESTION >> If you were not be dying, I would ask you more about this.

ANSWER >> You should ask to yourself. If you need any information, do Google, goto library, ask someone.. but if you need suggestions, if you are in confusion, in some sorts of inner conflict, only you can help yourself no other ones. No book, no guru, no mantra, no yantra can help you then. If you find them reducing your confusion or inner conflict, you are illusioned and trying to escape from yourself.

QUESTION >> You mean, man is alone?

ANSWER >> Man is always with himself.

QUESTION >> You said, nobody, no book, no yantra mantra can help. You believe, nobody can teach to anyone. Nobody is able to be taught by anyone. What have you been saying so far? Isn’t that your teaching?

ANSWER >> I was expressing myself. Depends on you what or how much or in which way you got my words. Our minds are different. All I say doesn’t be grasped by your mind. Talker and Listener, both are not in same level. Also, mind keeps working while you are listening or speaking.

QUESTION >> You are being a mystic.

ANSWER >> I’m simpler than others.

QUESTION >> When you gonna die?

ANSWER >> Never!

QUESTION >> How long we have to be tortured like this?

ANSWER >> Depends on you.

QUESTION >> Is there any limit?

ANSWER >> Limitations are in mind. Mind has no limits. A pure mind is limitless. An impure mind is with limits. Limits are illusions.

Transition happens. Conversion or change can be said. No particular point or limit is there for anything.

QUESTION >> Hope you die well.

ANSWER >> Nobody can teach anything to anyone!



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