Smiling Closed Eyes


I don’t live in darkness
Darkness lives in me
Said by whom I don’t know
But I guess, he was very sad

He may have had a life
To live long with happiness
But he left living his life
Because it was not worth to live

It was not what he wanted to be
He assumed his future was not that
But he didn’t kill himself
He just left living the life

And he let the life to go, find his way
And he became passive observer
And he refused to have control
And he refused to be controlled also

He was not died, he was not alive
He was not living, he was dying
He was not sleeping or awake
He was not laughing or crying

He disappeared suddenly
And was found far from this earth
Where life and death was two points
And he was between them smiling

But there was no light, no power
No energy or weaknesses for him
It was not dark, it was not peaceful
No emptiness, no silence, no enlightenment

He was not looking for these results
He was not to reach any results
He was not looking for anything
He met all were not of his mind

He came to know those words were fake
All books and teachings were wrong
Peace freedom emptiness are in mind
And enlightenment isn’t any achievement

Suddenly he found himself in light
And the light became himself
There was no darkness in or out
Peace and emptiness on smile

He had nothing to speak or share
He had nothing to gain or lose
He closed his eyes with smile on face
And became part of this universe

16 June 2016

Photo: Vikram G.
Editing: Vivek G.


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