I didn’t ask you for any suggestion. You asked me about my planning for my future, and I already have answered you. If you still want to continue talking with me, we can have a talk over any issue or topic.

You can have a talk about me. I have no problem, but remember, all what you think about me is just your opinion, projected by your mind, with limited information about me, and this is how you will reach at the conclusion, will not be me.
I’m what I’m and your conclusion can not represent me.

I can’t make any conclusion about anyone.
I know, people are not same all time.
Person I know today will be changed tomorrow.

All what I know about one is just an image created by my mind, using a little information about one. My senses collect information and my mind creates an image. I know the image what I have in my mind. I don’t know you. Who are you?

You say, I’m your relative. It’s because we share same ancestors in past, and this is what makes you concerning about me.

You are pretending to be worried about me because we are here now, otherwise, we had even no conversation so far. Didn’t it make you worried about me?

All who are together, are only relatives to each other. No matter what relations are between them.

Love without any name is enough for people to stay relatives to each other.

Blood relation is not the real relation. Belonging to same parents can not make people brothers and sisters.

Performing some rituals according to religion, taking oaths before people, cannot make a couple wife-and-husband. Girlfriend-Boyfriend need not to promise forever. We should keep in mind, they will not remain the same. And one should accept the change in their partners.

We will not be the same forever. You will not be worried about me after reaching your place. You will be busy in your life. And the relation you mentioned here will be nothing but sharing same ancestors in past. I will be nobody for you then.

Relationship is not to keep deliberately, unwillingly, reluctantly just because they were tied up before society, by performing some rituals, or taking oaths about each others.

Your heart tells you who you are to whom and who is who for you. Listen your heart but don’t force one to accept your proposal. Leave it on their heart. Let the heart be free and keep it away from being judgemental. A comparing heart is not pure.

If your heart tells you who you are to me, you are that one. If your heart tells you who I am to you, is an image in your mind. Let me be what I am. I may not be wanting you to be in my contacts.


20:15, Wed
22 June 16


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