System, Freeman & Nature!


Thay created currency system to ease exchanging things
Later, currency became more important than things

They propagated that if you have currency more than others, you will have more opportunity to buy things

They started buying Labour through currency
And gradually, non materialistic things became saleable if one has currency

Earlier, land was considered to be having wealth
And before that, keeping animals was sign of being rich
We never considered anyone having good character, pure heart, kindness, is a rich one

Entire in our history, we never praises anyone is rich by heart, rich by good understanding, rich by kindness.

So everything has become money
I need food, I need money to buy food
I need money to buy cloth, drinking water, fruits and sometimes, to buy air also
While, mother-nature has already provided me all what I needed.

I wish, people couldn’t help each other without money and
Painter would draw painting for himself
Actors would act for themselves
Doctors could cure people for humanity

I wish, people would be governed by kindness
Loving heart could drive people to sacrifice them for others
And everyone would do their duty with pure mind

Hate, anger, jealousy, competitiveness, are not for a pure heart
And pure mind
Even not for stones, trees, air, water..

One can’t ignore impurities emerge in mind,
But it’s possible to leave and detached with them

Currency system is just one of those systems have been misunderstood and misused by people so far.
There are many systems in practice in this world
But the best system is one made by nature
Not by human beings

A freeman cares about the system ruled by nature
He looks inside himself
And become satisfied, far from competitiveness

22nd of June, 2016


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