Undemocratic People!

You are arguing over political incidents, elections, political parties, political leaders
But you don’t know
Your opinions are not actually your opinions
But their tool to keep you enslaved for thousands of years.

And you fight with your brother because
He likes other political leader
His political ideology is different from yours
He casts his vote for other party or leader.

I see you
Getting angry, happy and sad
Watching news on television.
Reading newspapers and magazines
Can’t you see the news on tv, newspapers and magazines are
Bought, made, created and used to control your mind?

You are not directly connected with your political leader
But you feel an attachment with
You are not an active member of any political pary
But you are attached with names
You are not directly connected with politicians

Do you ever ask yourself
‘What is my political ideology?’
Or you are people driven, governed and used by politicians?

Do you ever realize that your representatives in parliament are actually your servants?
And they behave like your masters!
Don’t you wish your servants be obedient to you?

Isn’t it ironic that servants enjoy luxurious life?

Police, army, banks, and this system made by human society, are for servants
While real masters outside parliament are not happy with their representatives

How long time you need to be matured?

23 June,
Friday 2016


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