Everyone has their own way to follow

I can’t say I’m only right and you all are wrong!

Same way my way is for me

And you have no right to say me wrong!
All methods, process, ways are good

Until they are not harmful for society 

Humanity, animals and environment
Your religion and my religion

Your nation and my nation

Your culture and my culture

Your book and my book

Are worth to leave

If they teach us to hate each other
Your faith is based on your personal experience

That is absolutely matter of individual

And nobody else’s can say your faith is nothing but an illusion
If you are following someone’s words

Because you think they had experience 

Then it’s not your faith,  it’s not your way
I respect your faith if it’s yours

Although, I may not have faith in it

Faith is pure, faith is Love

No matter in which it is, with whom it is.



01:09 am


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