Poor Man!

He doesn’t have enough money to survive in this world.
He doesn’t wear expensive cloths and often mistreated by people because of his poor outer appearance.
He is so polite that never uses bad words but his politeness is considered as weakness.
Poor man is cold. He rarely expresses anthousiasm or excitement on any occasion.
He lets other people go ahead, and so he becames the last one and abandoned.
You will never see the poor man doing something for his own benefit. You may think him a fool or has no sense.
You can kill poor man’s time and you will see him saying ‘it’s ok’. He doesn’t complain to anyone.
Poor man has no plan for future. He is worried about tomorrow and sometime for today only. He doesn’t have future. He doesn’t have plans for long terms.
People consider the poor man a life has been wasted. A failure person. 
I will not glorify the poverty,

I will not appropriate the poor man

for his

Less requirements

Simple clothes


Good words

His peaceful behaviour

Allowing others to go ahead

His stupidity (simplicity)

No selfishness

Not complaining and bearing the pain

Forgiving others

Being on present
Glorifying poverty and poor man has been used to make people fool.

They are not poor who glorify poverty and poor man.
01:59 am


2nd June, 2016


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