Replacing Words Is Not Enough! 

​Generally, people say, God Allah Ishwar etc. are same. They don’t know about Ten’ri (Tengri), Dao, Brahma, etc. concepts.
I’m not to characterize or clarify these terms used for ‘that’ in religious scriptures.
If they would know all concepts of ‘that’, they wouldn’t call them same.
Actually calling all words of ‘that concepts’ are same is propagated by those who want to ignore difference among religions.
They either can’t see difference, or pretend to be spreading religious harmony.
If all names of ‘that’ are same and indicating to same point, then it would be easy to understand by people but reality is different, horrible and cruel.
All names are different concepts and yes, they do have some similarities but can be understood only if one is able to see differences among them.
Dr. Ramendra Nath has already worked over it. I don’t need to repeat his words.
Some of thinkers and religions believe that ‘that’ is nameless, formless, genderless, feelingless, thoughtless.. They believe, one can not imagine ‘that’. One can’t describe to ‘that’ in words.

One can only feel ‘that’ with own experience (it’s individual’s experience that can be just an illusion but I won’t talk over it here. Ayer has already done his work.)
So they say, ahurmazda god allah ishwara tenri etc. are just different names of ‘that’ (which can’t be described in words!?).
I see, words are concepts.

Each word has different concept from other.

Words can be synonymous but concepts are still different.

Rab & Tenri are not only different words but also different concepts too, this is same for all other words (allah, dankan, brahma, etc.)
So all words, which are actually different concepts, indicate different points or goals. 
If we change the word, meaning and emotions (also thoughts) related to previous word, also change.
Some people call Love to ‘that’ rather than calling allah tenri etc.

But replacing words is not enough.
If one is worried and I say

‘Calm down. Have faith. God will help you’.

Replacing with Love:

‘Calm down. Have faith (?). Love will help you'(?).
I say to her,

‘I love you’

Replaced by God,

‘I god you'(?)
Here, replacing words, change entire the meaning of the sentence. It also can make the sentence ‘meaningless’.

So, important is meaning.

When one is using a word,

Must be very careful of it’s meaning.
Saying ‘all words are same and just different names of him’ is clever, and used by fake people who are pretending to be spiritual.
‘You call him by any name’

-this sorts of sentences comes out from those minds which are unable to see differences between words, and so they can’t understand ‘concepts’ and still they claim to be knowing all.
Atheists may have objections with allah god brahma etc. sorts of words.

But they will not have problem with Love (word).

‘Peace, Justice, Emptiness, ..’ are some words, I think, do not create problem with atheist. Even atheists prefer ‘Love, Peace, Happiness, Emptiness..’ in their lives.
So if one needs to replace words for ‘that’, Love Peace Happiness. ..would be better options.
These words are emotions also and experienced by everyone (almost). Degree of emotions can be different but on same degree, everyone (maybe) feels the same.
(‘That’ is not to ‘describe’ any concept but to indicate the similar point of those different names found in various religious scriptures. ‘That’ is not synonym of any words for tenri, dankan.. but can be replaced by Love, Happiness, Emptiness etc.)
It would be better if I would have left blank the space I wrote ‘that’.
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July 2nd, 2016


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