God & Leaders 

​Life is so beautiful

If you have enough money

To buy all things

That make life comfortable.
If they think

Money is the root of all evils

Why don’t they transfer all their money

In your accounts?
Their words glorify poverty

Do you see them ever in financial crisis?
After half of my journey

Now I came to know

I was trapped

With their beautiful words
They make you dream about heaven

And take all your money

But they themselves never die

To get that heaven do you see?
If heaven and hell would really exist

Do you think they would allow you

To be there?
They propagate themselves

To be representing of you in parliament

Do they really represent you

Or they are in parliament for themselves?
Leaders of people are not from people

They seem from other plants

Enjoying free home travels electricity

Then why do they need salary?
Real god can not live inside temples

If homeless are sleeping on footpaths

And leader can’t enjoy luxurious life

If people are hungry.
June 30, 2016


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