Difficulties In Life :(

Buddha said

Attachment is the root of all suffering

But it’s not true.
One can be free from all attachments

With all living and non-living beings

But difficulty emerges from Janjaals

From other worldly affairs.
Eating food and drinking water

Clothings to wrap over body

Are not so important

But one has to be involved with all that

And life becomes difficult.
Who wants to live difficulties?

Challenges are not to be accepted always.

One doesn’t face all sorts of difficulties

But only what comes in his life.
Everyone dislikes difficulties

Everyone wants smooth life path

And for that, we try to avoid difficulties

Of our lives.
One can be happy alone

And society is not only useless but troublesome too.

But avoiding worldly affairs

Is not possible every time.
These difficulties in daily life

Makes life hard.
Attachment with things is useless

Attachment with people can be avoided

And still I see troubles are there

And happiness is not there.
Fortunate are those who are far

From daily life problems:

Room rent, electricity bill, water supply

Traveling, doctors, advocates, police.
Emotional attachments with people

Is not root of suffering

But world with Janjaal

Begins difficulties in life.
July 5, 2016

16:44 Tuesday


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