He Leapt To Freedom! 

Real freedom is freedom of mind, they say

And it’s true.

But one without financial political social and cultural freedom

Jas no use of ‘freedom of mind’
He has to bow down for money

He has to be responsible for his act

He has to follow customs of tradition

Je can’t ignore the society

He may avoid to cast his vote but has to be under political leaders
He said, –

I won’t obey you, though I love you

I respect you much but I won’t obey you

I have left obeying your words blindly

I know I’m better than your creature

I must not bow down to ‘it’

I won’t obey you
He was said, –

Go! Get out of my place!
And he left the place with his freedom
Does he really has his freedom?
He got his ‘freedom of mind’

And that made him left his people.


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