Angels Exist!

>> I don’t believe in Angels, I know they exist.
>> I thought you are an atheist. Being an atheist and believing in Angels is contradictory.
>> I repeat, I do not believe in Angels, I know them.
>> Angels are made with fire by god himself.
>> Depends on what concept you have by any word in your mind.
>> What or who are Angels in your view?
>> I give you an example, Abdul Sattar Edhi, recently died, two or three days ago, was an Angel. He was a mortal man, like you and me. I cam to know about him after his death.
>> You believe, living human being help to others are Angels.
>> I know them. They exit, they die too.
>> But you said, you didn’t know Abdul Sattar when he was alive.
>> Yes. Either I know or not anyone, shows limitation of information in my mind.
>> Do you not believe in Angels in Heaven, described in holy books?
>> I don’t know them.
>> Your ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’ depends on information. Maybe Angel exist, somewhere in Heaven, and so for God himself but you don’t know and is this why are you an atheist?
>> God, Angels, Satan, these all are concepts. Each word is a concept. What concept I have for an word may not be the same for you. Yes, Knowing and Not Knowing are limitated within informations.
>> You cleverly try to scape answering on God and Angels.
>> I’m not to defend atheism. It’s the state of mind I’m in now. Energy, Matter, their Movements, Space, Time are still to being disclosed completely, then to believe in someone imaginary as a friend or administrator and origin of all, is not for wise.
>> You seem agnostic but unable to accept any god in future so you claim to be an atheist.
>> Something imaginary, origin of all, governor, monitor, mover, incarnation, previous and next birth, are not my subjests.
>> What are you then if neither an agnostic nor an atheist? I’m sure you are not a believer.
>> I prefer not to put any label of Believer, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.
>> Any religion?
>> No, some philosophies. Not completely or blindly.
>> For example?
>> Four Noble Truths, Existentialism by Sartre.
>> In Daoist philosophy, they believe in Formless-Nameless God like Brahm.
>> I attain Dao classes to talk about their philosophy, Three Treasures I found suits me.
>> Are you Daoist then?
>> Far from organised religions.
>> How about Angels in Dao philosophy?
>> Leave mythology behind. In contemporary world, Angels are living being who helps others for their well-being. You don’t need to be religious for that but Abdul Sattar Edhi.


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