So Called Guru On Life!

​>> Do tou know what is life?
>> Have you ever died?
>> Do you think I’m spirit of mine?
>> No.
>> Then why did you ask me such a silly question?
>> Didn’t you ask me a silly question?
>> Asking about life is not silly. It’s what our ancestors had been looking for the answer.
>> You should have asked that to our ancestors.
>> You also should know what the life is, what the purpose it has.
>> You want me to listen you and then you will impose me your beliefs, tour thoughts, right?
>> Na I won’t. I just asked if you know what the life is.
>> And what if our opinions are different to each other regarding life?
>> I will accept it as your thinking.
>> Then let me live with my thinking. I’m not eager to share with you and anybody else.
>> You are trying to skip thinking over it.
>> I’m afraid that you would argue if you find my thoughts different from you.
>> I’m not going to teach you anything.
>> May I know the reason why do you want to know my thoughts over life?
>> Just to know your thinking, opinion.
>> And how much is this important to you?
>> Not much. Just to know. Nothing else.
>> Leave it then. If it’s matter of life to you, only then I will share my thoughts with you.
>> Why so? Sharing thoughts is good to know each other, also we may know how we are different on thoughts.
>> It’s useless. My opinion is for me, I got that conclusion with my efforts and I’m not to share with anyone without any proper reason behind it.
>> Do you want it be hidden or it’s some secrets you have found in your search?
>> It’s my personal matter.
>> Ok well.


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